Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hong Kong History

The Discover Hong Kong package tours Hong Kong Tourism website has a little history of the region - one of the world's most important cities despite the fact that Hong Kong was nothing more than a bunch of fishing villages only 160 years ago. Unlike other key world commerce capitals like New York, Paris, London, Beijing, etc, Hong Kong is relatively new and also sprung into being largely as the result of trade - often illegal - between China and the sprawling British Empire. In fact Hong Kong was under British control and protection until 1997 when the islands became a semi autonomous regio of China.

Although I lost most of my pictures from a Hong Kong visit in April here are a few Hong Kong Pictures mixed in with my China set.


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Kala Sepid Tarabar International Transportation & Trading Company benefiting from the cooperation of the devoted and specialist manpower and skillful managers, with more than 20 years of brilliant experience in international and national transportation, has provided specialized services & products to a wide spectrum of public and private companies as well as natural entities up to now.

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Amoot Iranian Trading Company is a part of Amoot Group and a leading bulk commodity trading solutions provider to clients across the globe. Incorporated in Iran 1982, it has grown to achieve an annual turnover of US $10 million and trading volumes in excess of 500+ thousand tons per year.

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