Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baltimore Inner Harbor 294

Baltimore Inner Harbor 294
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The USS Constellation, a three masted sailing ship, is anchored at Baltimore's Inner Harbor. The beautifully planned inner harbor region blends Baltimore's seafaring history with modern restaurants, shops, and hotels, and is the regions top tourism hot spot as well as a key Convention area for the USA.

Water taxis are $9 for unlimited rides all day, and offer a great informal tour of the entire harbor as well as a way to jump around from place to place.

Do not miss "Fells Point", Baltimore's charming historic area which is only minutes from the main Inner Harbor by car or Water Taxi or a moderate walk. Check out the Broadway market at Fells point for fresh seafood or head to "Little Italy" nearby which is very popular with locals or for a spectacular $28 seafood buffet consider "Philliips" right at the heart of the Inner Harbor.

A great first stop is the excellent information center at the Inner Harbor where an orientation film and extensive information will get you going quickly.