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Oregon Road Conditions

Thanks to some excellent work by the web team at the Oregon Department of Transportation, Oregon has one of the nation's top websites for road condition information. TripCheck offers conditions, traffic cameras from all over the state, and a lot more information. Check out the custom camera feature where Oregonians can create a page showing the traffic and road condition cameras for the routes they travel regularly.

ODOT, the Oregon Department of Transportation, is the agency in charge of maintenance of state and national highways in Oregon. Caltrans is the California agency for California roads as WADOT is the equivalent agency for Washington State.

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Vietnam War

Few events in US History influenced the nation as much as the Vietnam war. France had created a colonial empire in Indochina but extreme nationalist tensions led the French to abandon their war against the communist nationalists and leave the country. Enter the USA which escalated the war against Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese nationalists and insurgents in the South. Ironically Ho Chi Minh had been a US ally in the war with Japan, fighting alongside the American CIA.

Despite dramatic military superiority, a massive bombing effort, and complex political tactics to enlist the support of the Vietnamese, the USA failed to quell the insurgency in the South

By 1975 unrest in the USA combined with instability in Vietnam led the US to pull out of the county abruptly. The North Vietnamese Army quickly overran the South and created a unified Vietnam under the communist form of Government.

Today, Vietnam and the USA are enjoying renewed relations and a tentative national friendship. Travel to Vietnam is increasing in popularity and offer the tourist very rich natural, cultural, and culinary experiences.

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