Friday, June 6, 2008

Bendixen's Shipyard, Eureka, Cal.

Click on this picture for Dberry's great collection of historic pictures and postcards featuring Northern California destinations.

Pristine unused postcard. On the back is printed "Private Mailing Card Authorized by Act of Congress, May 19, 1898."

Higgins Ferry, Smith River, CA about 1903

The history of Northern California offers a powerful combination of Native American culture and lore, European exploration, gold mining and the farming and ranching that still characterize the splendid American landscape that stretches (very roughly) from Redding to Yreka to the Oregon border in the middle of the state and from Mendocino to Del Norte Counties on the California Coast and from Alturas to Klamath Falls Oregon in the high desert Eastern side of California.

Forbidden City Ancient Fire Extinguisher

These massive kettles were used to hold water to put out fires in the Forbidden City. For the more important building the huge copper (brass?) kettles were covered with .... gold.