Sunday, April 25, 2010

History Channel Presents "America - The Story of Us"

The History Channel debuts a new series that will chronicle some prehistory and the entire history of the USA , spanning about 400 years. The first two episodes will be about the English settlements in "the new world".

In 1607, a small group of English adventurers lands in Jamestown. Thirteen years later the Pilgrims settle in Plymouth, New England. These men and women are all driven by the promise of a new life, and all face huge dangers from disease, starvation and conflict...
Obviously a challenge to a complete treatment of the history of the Americas is the fact that *most* of the history of this continent happened before records were kept, and many would argue historians have always given short shrift to the rich native American cultures, economies, and tribal conflicts that defined American history for thousands of years. However it's also true that this history was in many ways "simpler" as the existing evidence suggests that native populations were small and cultures were fairly stable for much of the time preceding the arrival of Europeans.

In any case, "America - The History of Us" promises new insight into the rise of what has arguably been the most successful economic and cultural experiment in all of history ... the United States of America.