Thursday, January 3, 2008

San Diego Zoo Bear Habitat

When visiting San Diego in Southern California you won't want to miss the San Diego Zoo, one of the finest zoos in the world. San Diego's premier animal attraction brings you almost face to face with Lions, Tigers, Bears, Snake, Lizards, and thousands of other species, many threatened and endangered in the wild.

If you aren't big on walking for miles consider starting your visit with the Zoo on the double decker tour busses, a great introduction to the layout and animals. Also note the daily show schedule so you can coordinate that with your walks around this huge park. The tram is also fun and a good way to get a quick park orientation.

The San Diego Zoo is well worth the admission, but it's not cheap. Look for the discount coupons available at many tourism information places and often in state guides or the state maps you can get at tourism hot spots around the state.