Sunday, April 20, 2008

Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Temple of Heaven, Beijing 711
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Beijing's Temple of Heaven is where many dynasties would go to pray, making their way a few miles from the Forbidden City in the heart of Beijing.

Several spectacular buildings and a burial mound are surrounded by park filled with trees and cement pavers, out of which sprouts plants and grass.

The park is still a lively gathering place for locals to come to play cards, talk, and pray.

Water Urn, Forbidden City, Beijing

These massive urns would hold water which could be used to put out fires in the wooden structures that comprise most of the buildings in Beijing's Forbidden City, home to many of China's dynasties including the last emperor until his overthrow by Sun Yat Sen and the nationalists around 1911.

Some of these urns were covered with about 2.2 kilos of gold leaf and showed signs of scratches as ancient looters scraped off the gold.