Thursday, March 12, 2009

Northwest Travel Guide and Oregon Coast Travel

Two of the many travel sites associated with our Online Highways / US History travel project are Northwest Magazines and Oregon Coast Travel. The Northwest Travel website and printed magazine offer detailed insider information about the attractions, history, and the people of the Pacific Northwest where the sand, sea, mountains and people have carved out many lives with thousands of stories you'll find interesting beautiful, and inspiring.

Oregon Coast Travel. is based on the printed Mile by Mile Guide to Highway 101, one of Oregon's most popular travel publications with stories and detailed directions to hundreds of coastal points of interest, hotels, restaurants, and much more.

Travel Guide Profiles

As the internet travel information experience explodes, we're all finding that *filtering* through the millions of websites has become as big a challenge as simply *finding* websites that match your interests.

Over the next few months we'll be profiling several "travel guide" websites you might find helpful as you plan your travels around the globe. We are especially interested in bloggers who are writing about their own communities as these tend to be the most authentic "travel voices" and offer you some of the best insights when you visit a location.

Please feel free to suggest other sites in the comments at any time!

52 Perfect Days

52 Perfect Days is a guide to travel written by several travel writers and enthusiasts, and offers an intriguing take on travel to several American cites as well as international destinations:

Check their travel website out here: