Monday, May 4, 2020

History of Cancelled Events

With Covid-19 ravishing the event calendar to a degree unprecedented all over the world, I paused to consider - has there ever been a time like this before? The short answer is, no. There has never been a time as detrimental to the flow of events in the United States as the 2019 pandemic we are currently facing. Although, we have taken significant changes in course when it comes to terrorism, and natural disaster. How did we see the light at the end of the tunnel, then? Here is the rundown on some of the most significant events cancelled historically in the U.S.A.

If we know one thing about Americans, it is that a large number of us love sports. Whether or not you fit into that category, perhaps these events will ring a bell:

The New York City Marathon has been held annually since 1997. Even the tourist attacks of September 11th, 2001 did not offset the popular race. It has been a force of community and uniting people in the big apple, but that changed for a brief moment in 2012 amidst the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. It was a moment of contention for city officials and runners alike, most of which had arrived from all over the country to partake in the race already. In the end, the point that city funds should be allocated for disaster relief must take precedent over hosting the race, and the New York City Marathon, for one year, dissolved. It is, of course, back up and running today.

group of people running on street

The next year, in 2013, yet another marathon faced a less difficult decision, but perhaps more significant need to cancel its race. That year, The Boston Marathon was subject to a disheartening terrorist attack. Two brothers placed bombs close to the finish line of the race. Three runners were killed, and 260 people were injured in the incident. Of course, the race came to an immediate halt for the runners still participating and nearing the finish line.

USA flag on street during daytime

Weather and terrorism have caused the largest number of cancelled events in the history of the United States. The pandemic scenario is new, and we are forced to grapple with it.  Tokyo's Olympic Games will be postponed, but the fate of many other events is unknown as the world waits. Fortunately, waiting at home in our Pyjamas while our essential workers fight on the front lines, keeps us safe from harm, even if it means we don't have as many sports to watch.

people walking on road near well-lit buildings