Thursday, August 7, 2008

French Quarter, New Orleans

French Quarter, New Orleans
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New Orleans' French Quarter is most noted for the loud and not-suitable-for-children Bourbon Street. However most of the French Quarter is quiet with fantastic restaurants, charming small hotels, and beautiful residences that carry Spanish and French architectural traditions from pre-colonial America. Be sure to take some time off Bourbon Street to walk several blocks through one of the USA's most historic neighborhoods. Enjoy some Fried Oysters at Napoleon House, and some Biegnets and Coffee at Cafe du Monde, serving world famous pastry along the river for over a hundred years.

America's Best Fried Chicken...

A short drive outside of New Orleans' French Quarter, home to some of the best food in America, is what many think is the *best* fried chicken restaurant in the USA. Profiled in national magazines and endorsed by locals from one of the countries top food destinations, Willie Mae's serves up beans and Fried Chicken you won't find anywhere else. Although the recipe of her wet batter is a secret, part of Willie's approach is slow cooking the chicken for about 20 minutes in 350 degree oil.

Hurricane Katrina destroyed this New Orleans landmark but thanks to the enthusiasm of a local restoration group the restaurant has been restored and rebuilt and now is under the management of Willie's granddaughter, one of the few people who know the secret of Willie Mae's Fried Chicken.

Here's a good profile of Willie Mae's Fried Chicken