Friday, December 28, 2007

The Jersey Shore and Atlantic City Boardwalk

The Jersey Shore
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The Jersey Shore refers to the long stretches of sandy beach along the New Jersey Atlantic seaboard. This area just south of New York City has served for over 100 years a the key recreation place for tens of millions of big city dwellers who spend a day, a week, or an entire summer on the beaches and towns of coastal New Jersey. Although Atlantic City is the largest tourism area by far, the Jersey Shores stretch south many miles to cities like Cape May where one finds smaller family hotels rather than the huge resort casinos of Atlantic City.

Travel planning tip: If money is an object consider staying in Abescon New Jersey, about 20 minutes from Atlantic City where hotels will generally cost less than half those on the shore. However you'll probably be happier in Atlantic City where you'll have faster beach and boardwalk access.