Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Got History?

Here at Travel, Highways, and History we'd like to hear from you about your local or regional history. If you have historical information or stories you'd like to see at the site go ahead and post them at the comments of this blog or email to: jhunkins@gmail.com and we'll work to get that information in the right parts of our site.

We're also very interested in what types of information you'd like to see here at the website. We've got some of the most detailed US History information anywhere online, and are now combining that with a lot of travel and city information from our other websites. Coming soon are pictures, hotel reviews, weather, and more news feeds.

If you have a blog about your local region or city let us know and we'll help spread the word. There is no better source for travel information than a local, and we'd like to see a lot more locals blogging about travel and history in their region.