Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bernina Express, Switzerland

Switzerland's Bernina Express is one of the world's great train adventures, and we'll be riding these rails in mid June on the family's European Rail Adventure. I'm very excited about this part of our trip as the Bernina Express is one of the world's great train trips. Photo Credit

The "express" does not refer to speed, rather to the fact you have the same seat for a fairly long trip through the Alps, traversing them north to south or south to north from Switzerland to Italy. Two lines on this Bernina express route are a designated World Heritage Site.

Wikipedia's Bernina Express page:

Summer 2010 Eurail pass Instructions from the Rhätische Bahn, which runs the Bernina Express and other train lines in Switzerland:

Can purchase tickets and reservations for Bernina Express and Bus at .

You will be given a "dossier number". With the dossier number you can pick up the travel documents at any train station in Switzerland.

Note: If you do not pick up the tickets/ reservations your total fee will be charged.
General terms of contract are onine here a the
Rhätische Bahn website

The Bus from Tirano to Lugano is included in the Eurail pass but you must make a reservation in advance.
You can make reservation for Bus and train in advance without holding the
Eurail pass.

One can change the reservation dates (not clear if there is a fee for this or not). Rhätische Bahn said the most important thing is always to inform them of the travel plans and changes to avoid problems.

Rhätische Bahn:

International Travelers:

100 years of the Bernina Line

Please note: Eurail Pass is a sponsor of our great European Train Adventure.