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Museums of Richmond Virginia

Richmond Virginia offers visitors one of the most fascinating and significant historical landscapes in the United States. As one of the most important and prominent cities of the Civil War era and the capitol of the Confederacy during the US Civil War, Richmond represents the charm and mystique of the antebellum South, the evils of the US slave trade, and arguably the most important and strategic city in the American Civil War.

Near Richmond you find the Richmond National Battlefield Park with extensive information about the two key Union Army campaigns to capture Richmond. Here you'll explore battlefields from the Peninsula Campaign and later actions.

A driving tour of several civil war sites in the greater Richmond area is maintained by the "Virginia Civil War Trails". The White House of the Confederacy is now part of the Museum of the Confederacy. This building has been fully restored to look as it did in the Civil War era. Daily tours. Next door is the "must see" attraction of this area - the Museum of the Confederacy (see below for description).

Do not miss the new "Richmond Slave Trail" and museum, which features exhibits and a walking trail to showcase the inhumanity and hardships of the southern slave economy.

Here, from the Richmond Visitors Website, are descriptions of more of the museums in this amazing and historical southern city:

Agecroft Hall

4305 Sulgrave Road. English manor home originally built in 15th century and then dismantled and transported to Richmond in 1928. Leaded glass windows, Tudor and Stuart artifacts, authentic furnishings and formal gardens.

Beth Ahabah Museum and Archives

1109 W. Franklin St., the museum features artifacts of international, national and local Jewish life and history. It is open to the public Sunday through Thursday from 10 am to 3 pm. For information on exhibits, guided tours, lectures or volunteer opportunities, please call (804)353-2668.

American Historical Foundation Museum

Located at 1142 W. Grace St., this National Historic Landmark was restored to Federal Period grandeur. It houses the Monument Avenue Museum, The US Marine Raider Museum and the Military Knife and Bayonet Museum.

For additional information, call (804) 353-1812.

Black History Museum & Cultural Center

00 Clay Street. Neoclassical style structure built in 1832 and purchased by Maggie L. Walker in 1922. In 1932, it became the African-American branch of the Richmond Public Library; in 1991 it was converted to a museum and cultural center for visual, oral and written records and artifacts commemorating the lives and accomplishments of Blacks in Virginia from their arrival in 1619 to present. Artifacts, videos, historical documents, and photographs are used to highlight the achievements of African-Americans in Virginia through.

For more information, call (804)780-9093.

Children's Museum of Richmond

The Children's Museum of Richmond is located at 2626 W. Broad St.. Come out and explore over 250 interactive exhibits including the wonders of flight, illusions and astronomy in the 42,000 square-foot museum. An interactive, hands-on museum for children ages 6 months to 12 years. Permanent participatory exhibits include - How it Works, the Feeling Food Neighborhood, the Art Studio and Our Great Outdoors. There is also an OMNIMAX film and multimedia planetarium show.

For more information, call (804)474-2667.

Chimborazo Medical Museum

Located at 3215 E. Broad St., the museum stands on the eastern end of downtown Richmond, at the site of the Civil War's famous Chimborazo Hospital. Between 1861 and 1865 more than 75,000 Confederate soldiers received treatment at this sprawling facility. The medical museum tells the story of those patients and the hospital and physicians that cared for them. Using artifacts, uniforms and documents, the exhibits describe the state of medicine in 1860. In highlights the care of wounded and sick soldiers on the battlefields, and in the many large centralized Richmond hospitals like Chimborazo. Chimborazo Medical Museum is open to the public, free of charge from 9 - 5 daily.

For more information, call (804)226-1981.

Edgar Allan Poe Museum

Located between 19th & 20th Streets on East Main Street, this museum features exhibits on the life and career of Edgar Allan Poe. By documenting his accomplishments with pictures, relics, and verse, and focusing on his many years in Richmond; visitors get a glimpse of what Edgar Allan Poe was like. Five small buildings and an enclosed garden house the poet's possessions and memorabilia.

For more information, please call (804)648-5523.

John Marshall House

Located at Ninth and Marshall Streets, this house was the home of John Marshall for 45 years. He was the pioneer chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. The house was built in 1790 and is the oldest brick house surviving the City. Restored as a house museum, it contains artifacts from Marshall's home and professional life.

For more information, call (804)648-1889.

Maggie L. Walker House National Historic Site

Located at 110-1/2 E. Leigh St., the Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site commemorates the life of a progressive and talented African American woman. Despite many adversities, she achieved success in the world of business and finance. She was the first woman in the United States to found and serve as president of a bank. The bank she founded, now Consolidated Bank & Trust, is the oldest surviving black-operated bank in the United States. The site includes her residence of thirty years and a visitor center detailing her life and the Jackson Ward community, in which, she lived and worked. The house is restored to its 1930's appearance with original Walker family pieces.

For more information, call (804)780-1380.

Maymont House and Park

Located at 1700 Hampton St., this 100-acre Victorian estate, once home of Major James H. and Sallie May Dooley, was bequeathed to the City of Richmond in 1925. Features include: nature center and gardens, a carriage collection, children's farm and native Virginia wildlife exhibits (with more than 300 animals, almost 60 species), and the restored mansion. Since 1975, Maymont has been maintained and operated by the private nonprofit Maymont Foundation.

For more information, call (804)358-7166.

Meadow Farm Museum/Crump Park

Located at 3400 Mountain in Richmond, this 1860's living historical farm recreates the life of a middle-class rural family. Changing exhibits, gift shop and orientation videos are features in the orientation center.

For more information, call (804)501-5520.

Museum of the Confederacy

Located at 1201 E. Clay St., adjacent to the restored historic White House of the Confederacy, this modern facility holds the world's most comprehensive collection of military, political and domestic artifacts and art associated with the period of the Confederacy, 1861-1865.

For more information, call (804)649-1861.

Old Dominion Railway Museum

Located at 102 Hull St., steam, passenger, freight and other artifacts of Virginia's rail heritage are on display near the 1831 birthplace of Virginia railroading. For more information, call (804)233-6237.

Richmond National Battlefield Parks

Located at 3215 E. Broad St., in the Chimborazo Park Visitor's Center Between 1861 and 1865, Union armies repeatedly set out to capture Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy, to end the Civil War. Three of those campaigns came within a few miles of the city. The park commemorates eleven different sites associated with those campaigns, including the battlefields at Gaines' Mill, Malvern Hill and Cold Harbor. Established in 1936, the park protects 763 acres of historic ground. Begin with an explanatory film, and then tour the well-preserved sites of the Civil War battle fields. There are history programs and more at the Chimborazo Park Visitors Center.

For more information, call (804)226-1981.

Science Museum of Virginia

Located at 2500 W. Broad St., this museum offers wonderful hands-on learning and fun. There is also a planetarium and special shows all year.

For more information, call (804)864-1400.

University of Richmond Museum

Located on the University of Richmond campus, the university has three museums: The Lora Robins Gallery of Design from Nature, The Marsh Art Gallery and The Joel and Lila Harnett Print Study Center.

For more information, call (804)287-6424.

Valentine Museum

Located at 1015 E. Clay St., this museum features the life and history of Richmond. Major changing exhibitions focus on American urban and social history, costumes, decorative arts and architecture. The museum's 1812 Wickham House features rare neoclassical wall paintings.

For more information, call (804)649-0711.

Virginia Aviation Museum

Located at Richmond International Airport, 5701 Huntsman Road, the Virginia Aviation Museum is a division of theScience Museum of Virginia. This shrine to the "Golden Age of Aviation" enhances the Science Museum's aerospace exhibits with its extensive collection of vintage flying machines. Learn which planes earned the nicknames: Rolls Royce, Cadillac and Flying Bathtub. Stroll past exhibits on pioneer aviation, World War II and the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame. Enjoy aviation films and lectures in the Benn Theater. And if that's still not enough, how about getting an up-close view of the incomparable SR-71 Blackbird!

For more information, call (804)236-3622.

Virginia Fire & Police Museum

Located at 200 W. Marshall St., this museum houses antique fire and crime fighting memorabilia and operates as a museum and educational center. The museum is a National Historic Landmark. Richmond has the distinction of having the second oldest police force in the country and one of the oldest fire departments as well.

Virginia Holocaust Museum

Located at 2000 E. Cary St. in Shockoe Bottom, this museum is a tribute to Holocaust survivors. It features hands-on children's exhibits and an educational resource center. For more information, call (804)257-5400.

Virginia Historical Society

Located at 428 N. Boulevard, this museum offers a comprehensive collection of Virginia History. Nine-museum galleries exhibit rarely seen Virginia treasures. An extensive library for historical and genealogical research is also available. For more information, please call (804)358-4901.

Virginia House

Located at 4301 Sulgrave Road, this reconstructed English manor was home to Alexander Weddell, former United States Ambassador to Spain, and reflects his fascination with England and its history. The gardens are one of the highlights of the tour.

For more information, call (804)353-4251.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

This top ten comprehensive art museum features 5,000 years of artistic achievement from the glories of ancient Greece and India, to contemporary international art. Major special exhibitions at all times. Also a not-to-be-missed museum shop, cafe´ and restaurant. Open 365 days a year and general admission is always free. For more information, call (804) 340-1400. Located at 200 N. Boulevard.

Virginia Randolph Museum

Located at 2200 Mountain Road, this National Historic Landmark commemorates the career of a pioneer of vocational education. For more information, call (804)261-5029.

Wilton House Museum

Located at 215 S. Wilton Rd. off Cary Street, this house is an impressive example of mid-18th century Georgian architecture with fine interior paneling accented by exquisite period furnishings. Wilton house is one of Richmond's architectural treasures.

For more information, call (804)282-5936.


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