Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dolos, Crescent City California

Dolos, Crescent City California
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Dolos in Crescent City line the huge concrete breakwater and guard the Crescent City harbor from the catastrophe of a Tsunami or major storm. The Dolos weight up to 40 tons each, and are designed to maximize the dispersion of wave energy.

When you visit Crescent City California don't miss the County Museum which has some great Maritime artifacts from this California coastal city, and of course you'll want to take in Redwood National Park, one of the few World Heritage Sites in North America. Redwood trails and parkland in the State Parks and National parks extend along the California Coast for over 100 miles in Northern California.


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Photogrammetry has been applied to make precise measurements of post-construction displacements of 38.2-metric ton (42-ton) dolosse on the outer breakwater at Crescent City, California. Data from two storm seasons are currently available from this monitoring program which was initiated in November 1986 and which is expected to continue at least through the next three winters Supplemented by conventional land surveys, wave measurements, aerial inspections, and side scan sonar underwater imagery, observations from the photogrammetric monitoring have led to several preliminary conclusions regarding regions of relatively large dolos movement, dolos nesting, the dependency on breakwater slope of uprush or drawdown dominated armor unit movement, and the relative importance of armor unit movement and boundary conditions in dolos breakage. This paper describes the methods used for, and results obtained from, this monitoring effort along with the application of these results to a Corps study (Howell, 1988) Whose objective is to develop structural design criteria for the dolos concrete armor unit.

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a long and reinforced breakwater with excellent views of the harbor and the Battery Point Lighthouse islet The latter can be reached on foot at low tide. Low tide and a calm sea is what you are looking for, if you cannot resist the temptation to stroll or jog on the jetty. A danger sign warns about deadly waves at any time. In general, walking out onto the jetty is discouraged. It literally is a walk on the edge—with powerful waves unexpectedly crashing over. Unfortunate visitors have died or were badly injured here. This makes me wonder how safe I was when walking on the nearby isthmus between Battery Point and the lighthouse islet to visit the picturesque lighthouse.

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