Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shanghai McDonalds, China

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Heading to Shanghai for business or as part of your Bejing Olympics China touring? Sky West Magazine has a nice printable file with a very quick Shanghai introduction:

Surprisingly to me, the big cities in China were very accessible and pretty easy to navigate after a day of orientation. This is especially true for Shanghai and Hong Kong, which front waterways and have huge buildings that give you a great orientation feature.

This picture was on Nanjing Road, one of Shanghai's popular shopping areas which intersects with the Bund on the river.

In Shanghai the "Bund" is the old district along the river, developed during British domination some 100 years ago. Across the water is the Pudong Area which is the hopping new business district, complete with several of the world's tallest buildings such as the Jin Mao Building, Pearl Tower, and World Financial Center.


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