Thursday, March 12, 2009

Travel Guide Profiles

As the internet travel information experience explodes, we're all finding that *filtering* through the millions of websites has become as big a challenge as simply *finding* websites that match your interests.

Over the next few months we'll be profiling several "travel guide" websites you might find helpful as you plan your travels around the globe. We are especially interested in bloggers who are writing about their own communities as these tend to be the most authentic "travel voices" and offer you some of the best insights when you visit a location.

Please feel free to suggest other sites in the comments at any time!

52 Perfect Days

52 Perfect Days is a guide to travel written by several travel writers and enthusiasts, and offers an intriguing take on travel to several American cites as well as international destinations:

Check their travel website out here:


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In Bhagavad-Gita Gita Lord Krishna has inspired Arjuna to rise from his depression by preaching Gita in the battlefield and to rise from the depression to do his duties. In Holy Gita we can see, being hidden by the cosmic overview of any institution beset with myriad problems, not the least of which is its lack of moral probity, there is a groundswell of educated people seeking answers to deeply personal but universally asked questions. Chie Executives taking lessons from yoga, meditation and learning how to deal with human resources equations in an enlightened manner. Individuals from every walk of life can get ideas of how to be better human beings, more balanced and less stressed out.
Medical studies continue to show regular meditation working magic in reducing blood pressure and stress-related illnesses, including heart disease. Brain images show that regular meditation helps calm the most active sensory-assaulted parts of the brain. The ancient Hindu sage Patanjali who had mastered the secrets of the human mind has written a book "Yogasutra".In this book we can see how super powers can be achieved by meditation. It has both cosmic relevance and cosmic resonance. In spite of its universal appeal, for most people total control of mind remains an elusive goal and daunting task. From time immemorial, there have been many attempts throughout the world to unlock the mysteries of the mind and to achieve total control over it through a variety of techniques. One of the most powerful of these techniques is meditation.
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Ref. Yoga magazines
New York times
Time magazine

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