Saturday, March 7, 2009

Roscoff - a English Channel port city in Breton, France

Roscoff is a city on the English Channel focused on agriculture and tourism.

Here, Brittany Ferries link with UK and Ireland, initially as a way to ship agricultural products from France to the UK but increasingly as a tourism jaunt where travelers from the UK can combine a short visit to France and bring back French wines more cheaply.

Roscoff is also where many "Onion Johnnies" make the crossing - these are French farmers who sell special onions door to door in England.


Amy's African Adventures said...

This sounds like a really quaint little coastal town, just the way I like them. The Onion Johnnies intrigue me, as I've never heard of them before. What is so special about their onions? Pray tell!

Bahamas said...

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