Friday, December 21, 2007

Mission San Luis Rey, California

Just north of San Diego, only a short drive from the Coast Highway is the Mission San Luis Rey.

San Luis Rey was 18th in the line of old California Missions, founded by Father Lasuen in 1798.

San Luis Rey soon became the largest of all the California Missions. Father Peyri, builder of San Luis Rey, remained at the Mission for 34 years and saw it prosper.

After the mission was taken from the Padres it became a ruin but restoration has taken place in recent times and continues today. The former Glory of San Luis Rey as “King of the Missions” can still be seen today, and a tour of this California masterpiece is strongly recommended.

San Luis Rey is only about 10 minutes off Highway 101 at Newport Beach, CA. Got Kids? Promise to drop in to the In and Out Burger for a great lunch on the way back on to California Highway 101.

Kit Carson, famous pioneer scout, led Gen. Kearny’s “dragoons” and camped at San Luis Rey in December of 1846.

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