Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thanks, Rick Steves!

Seattle's Rick Steves has been touring Europe for decades, and his PBS shows, books, and personal tours to Europe have captivated many of us over the years. The Rick Steves website is one of the web's best Travel resources with maps and extensive travel tips and participation.

It's really a "must see website" if you are considering or planning a trip to Europe.

Although I am not a fan of the group tour approach I'm finding that the itineraries are a great way to discover new cities and attractions, and most importantly get a quick feel for the landscape, travel times, etc.

We're planning the big family tour of Europe now (thanks Eurail.com ! ) and I'm finding that Eurail and Rick Steves are two of the best sites for planning this complicated trip.

Rick's on Twitter now @RickSteves and I'm hoping he'll actively participate there, as it's a great way to project your views to many very fast. He's also blogging about the politics of travel, offering some really interesting and provocative perspectives on what he feels is a commercialized and narrow view from the American media. Steves' believes that travel is the best way to experience cultures and countries and people so we fully come to understand them, and hopefully come closer to reducing the many conflicts in our complex world. Keep up the great blogging Steve!


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