Thursday, March 18, 2010

Watchtower, Calais France

Watchtower, Calais France
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Calais France is still a popular travel destination, especially for Europeans taking the frequent ferries from Dover, England. However the "Chunnel" under the English Channel from near Calair to Dover certainly changed the travel landscape in this area.

For more about Calais, try the official tourism website here:

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The tower is built on the site of an old fortified tower (thirteenth century) attributed to Philip Hurepel. It was damaged in an earthquake in April 1580, it was repaired in 1631 and then consolidated after a bombing in 1809. In 1816, a Chappe telegraph was installed until 1849; from 1818 until 1848 it was also a lighthouse. During World War I, a military post was installed and a dovecote. The walkway culminates at 23 meters high. The tower was spared the bombardments of the Second World War, when more than 70% of the city was destroyed.


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