Saturday, March 1, 2008

London Bridge in Arizona

Arizona's second biggest tourist attraction after the Grand Canyon? It is London Bridge in Lake Havasu! And this travel history story gets more confusing the more you know:

Earlier we posted about Tower Bridge in London which remains near the Tower of London on the Thames river and is often incorrectly called "London Bridge".

This is one of the *real* London Bridges and is located in Lake Havasu, Arizona where it was shipped in thousands of pieces and rebuilt in 1971. This London Bridge was the British London Bridge constructed in 1831 to replace a failing bridge that occupied the location on the Thames over which people had travelled into London for some 2000 years on various bridges including the very first Bridge into London.

Currently there is a London Bridge in London at the historic location, built in 1973 to replace the "Rennie" London Bridge that had been shipped to Lake Havasu.

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