Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Travel and History

Here at Online Highways / US History our mission is to bring travel and history information together. Our US History editors have assembled one of the best online resources for U.S. History anywhere. Our travel information is strongest for the Pacific Northwest but we feature city by city information for all of the USA, several countries in Europe, and even Uzbekistan, thanks to the contributions of our friend Marat who publishes that region's top travel magazine.

Travel and History are a natural combination, and for most cities the history of the community features prominently in their appeal. Here in the Pacific Northwest we enjoy the historical and cultural benefits of the rich and colorful Native American experience in the region as well as the powerfully American traditions of early miners, loggers, and seafarers.

There are stories of heroism, tragedy, hardship, and triumph, and we hope to share some of those with you in the coming months. Also, we'd love to hear from you with any historical notes of interest to tourists and travelers. Post them in the comments or email me personally at this address: jhunkins@gmail.com

Happy travels, and Happy history!


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