Wednesday, December 19, 2007

USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor

The USS Arizona Memorial rests dramatically above the wreckage of the sunken battleship at Pearl Harbor. Inside is a memorial to the sailors lost in the attack on Pearl Harbor of December 7th, 1944 which began the US War with Japan. Germany declared war on the USA four days later.

The only access to the USS Arizona Memorial is by boat. Free tickets are available at the Pearl Harbor Museum which generally have you returning later in the day for the boat trip. Consider going early in the day to pick up your tickets and if there is a long wait for your boat you can take a shuttle to visit the USS Missouri which offers an excellent tour of the ship on which the US accepted the surrender of Japan at the end of World War II. As of December 2007 admission to the USS Missouri is $16 and a guided tour is an extra $7. The USS Missouri is well worth the price and the money goes to preserve the ship and provide interpretive services. You may want to eat lunch in the working galley.


Paul said...

My Name is Paul Dyson and I'm the VP of Sales and Marketing for the USS Missouri Memorial Association. Thanks so much for your coverage of our Battleship in you blog. The Missouri is a memorial to the men of our armed forces and the sacrifices they've made for our country. The price that you listed however is dated. The price to visit the ship is $16 for admission and $7 for our guided tour. (highly recommended)We are a non-profit organization and all proceeds from admission and tours goes towards care of the memorial.

Joe said...

Paul thank you - I'm correcting this in a moment.

Pearl Harbor said...

I think everybody should visit USS Arizona Memorial at least once in their lifetime, and pay respect to the killed heroes.

Á Phàm Liêu said...

Thank for sharing!!!

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