Monday, January 23, 2012

Making Each Day Unique

A US History Guest post

By:  Evan Britton

One of the most commonly used expressions is “Time Flies Fast”.  And it does, people’s lives pass them by way too fast, and when children come into our lives, they grew up right before our own very eyes.  Before we know it – the kids are doing things that we can’t believe.  Times really moves.

A major reason why time moves so fast is that we do the same thing each day.  When you do the same thing over and over – the days run into each other and the weeks go by.  And without different things happening in a given day – memories slip away and before you know it – a year has passed and you can’t remember many unique things that you did in that given year. 

This is why birthdays are so important.  As it gives everyone a chance to have one day which is special and unique.  People look forward to that one day out of 365 in which everything is more important to them.  However, part of the reason why birthdays are so great is that they are simply better than just about all of the other 364 more common days throughout the year.

It is important to realize that each day is special and unique.  And with that in mind – the Famous Daily (  was launched.  The Famous Daily shows us what important events in history happened on this day.  This allows us to understand that today’s date isn’t random and that it does have importance.  The important historical events are displayed by categories which include general history, entertainment, geography, business, and sports.

In addition to history, the Famous Daily displays today’s Famous Birthdays.  It is always fun to see what influential people and celebrities were born today to help give more importance to this day.  Furthermore, the Famous Daily highlights a Famous Quote that was said on this date in history.  By learning of a quote that has withstood the test of time, which was said today – it is easier for us to appreciate today and be excited about it.

Time flies fast – but the Famous Daily is here to help you stop, smell the roses, see what makes today special, so that you can better enjoy the day.  You can sign up to the Famous Daily for free ( ) each day via email.

Tomorrow may just be another day.  However, important historical events happened tomorrow which helped to shape our world.  And important people have a birthday tomorrow.  So, tomorrow isn’t that boring afer all – and by realizing it – time will slow down!


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