Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jim's Philly Cheesesteaks, Philadelphia PA

Jim's Steaks, Philadelphia
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Blogging about pizza was making me hungry and also making me realize how important history and food can be to an enjoyable travel experience.

History and food intersect in Philadelphia PA in the form of the Philly Cheeseteaks - a delicious but artery clogging combination of chopped (or, less often, sliced) beef, smothered in melted cheese (usually Cheese Whiz), and served on a large hot dog style bun.

This is not exactly fine dining, but you'd be missing something to visit Philadelphia without enjoying one of these local bad boys.

It took some research to settle my curiousity about competing claims as to who invented the Cheesesteak. No less than the New York Times says it was probably Pat and Jim Olivieri, formerly of of Pat's King of Steaks.

Jim's Steaks is one of Philadelphia's most popular restaurants, though it's more like a huge hole in the wall with limited seating and huge lines. But folks keep on coming because Jim's is known as among the top purveyors of the legendary Philly Cheesteak - chopped meat and cheese served in a bun. Was this line, which snaked around the building to the left and had about 50 people waiting, the lunch rush? Nope, we were there in the middle of the afternoon.


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