Friday, January 2, 2009

Mont St Michel in France

The Magnificent Mont St Michel, originally callled Mont Tombe, has played an important role in history for almost 1500 years. It was an early stronghold of Rome until AD 460. Mont St Michel was ransacked by the Franks around the year 700.

In the year 933 William I annexed the region including Mont St Michel for Normandy and remained under Norman control during their conquest of England in 1066.

As reformation fervor waned the abbey lost it's significance and the Abbey of Mont St Michel was turned into a prison for several decades, closing in 1863.

Mont St Michel is now a Unesco World Heritage site, recognized for it's unique role in geographical as well as human history.


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In a number of not only French, but also world sights, Mont-Saint-Michel occupies a special place. This place is unique. In the world there simply are no rivals a lonely mountain in the middle of a perfectly flat plain; a mountain crowned with a stern monastery and surrounded by impregnable walls; mountain, whose slopes sheltered a whole medieval city with tiny winding streets; the mountain, which the highest tides in Europe twice a day turn into an inaccessible island, and the surrounding plain - into a raging ocean. The path to it is not easy, but from year to year millions of people rush here - to feel for a few hours involvement in a true miracle.
UNESCO has included Mont-Saint-Michel in the World Heritage List, guidebooks proudly refer to it as the "eighth wonder of the world", and the French themselves call the favorite attraction simply the Mountain.

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